Neom City Saudi Arabia

Neom city Saudi Arabia

Neom city is the city which is to be built in the county of Saudi Arabia. It will contribute a lot to be a tourist built city and to become a place of destination. Neom is described as the words most ambitious projects. The Neom investment will backup greater than $500 billion by the investment provident fund of Saudi Arabia. NEOM VISION is to be proved by reduces the access dependence on oil, by renovating society of Saudi Arabia and by building a country a technological hub. Neom is said to be a DRIVING FORCE behind the effort of the building.

CLOUD SEEDING is to be made by the neom city to make the artificial clouds which tend to produce a heavy rainfall as compared to the normal once. NEOM will also tend to organize a healthy EDICATION SYSTEM in which the teaching will be done by holographic teachers. The SINGAPORE GARDEN photos are used by the neoms for their marketing material in order to get inspiration from south asian city.

Neom industrial city or oxagon is located in the town of duba. This mainly focus on the manufacturing modern and industrial research and in development of many things. NEOM BAY AIRPORT started receiving commercial flights after the first phase of the airport completed. The airport which is located in the NEON BAY has been registered by INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION. NEOM AGRICULTURE comprises of 16,000 acres and it is surrounded by the land to become an agricultural field. Saudi Arabia is a distilled country in which water is produced through plants so Saudi Arabia needs to be LITTLE CREATIVE as water is running out from middle east.

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