Type of Realities

Augmented Reality

It is a type of reality which shoes the real world. It is so interactive in nature which display everything in the real world. It is basically used for imagining any design  for planning anything. It is used for many purpose like buildings, furniture, etc. This is a device which comes with the camera function. Microsoft HoloLens is one of the example of this augmented reality. It transform the online pictures into the real place where we want that thing. It comes under one of the biggest technology trend in the today’s world with lot of opportunities.

Virtual Reality

This is absolutely different from the real world. In this the computer technology is used to create a duplicate environment. It allows people to interact with the 3d visuals or any other sensational environment. Its main motive is to give the people the virtual environment where the people can communicate with the computer like in the real world. Many industries uses virtual reality like real estate, architecture, etc.

Some of the benefits of virtual reality are:

  • Inhance creativity of students
  • While studying it removes distraction
  • Improve the area of knowledge
  • Improve imagination power

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