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Acubeapps Deployment Services

Acubeapps provides the following Deployment Services:

  • Initial Site Survey

    We run the backup process and stock up on the client's current network infrastructure and end-user devices to ensure the right start to the project.

  • Technology Installation

    Our deployment experts can customize every deployment based on the clients' preferences and limitations, and consult with better solutions as well.

  • Post-implementation Support

    After the deployment is run, we offer maintenance and support services to ensure that the data was securely disposed of and the entire process was successful.

Benefits of Deployment

High Speed

Deployment speeds up the process of building and expanding networks and IT systems. The shortens the time-to-market.

Reduced costs

A high-grade deployment implementation maximizes the overall lifespan of infrastructure & installed equipment.

Data Security

The process eliminates unwanted data & discards it properly with compliance to guidelines. The technologies are securely implemented with the site.

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