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COVID-19: Top 10 most affected Countries by CoronaVirus

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COVID-19: Top 10 most affected Countries by CoronaVirus

One Asian country and seven European countries are among the ten most affected list of countries with coronavirus, while more European countries are witnessing a surge in cases. 

With more than 155 countries confirming coronavirus cases, and several countries reporting suspected cases, the outbreak has already placed the world on a public health high-alert. USA has most confirmed cases in world. Here is a list of the most affected countries in terms of registered cases and deaths.

1. USA: Total cases: 142,735 | Total deaths: 2,488 | Recovered cases: 4,559 

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the US increased significantly in the third week of March as testing was made more rapid and overtook China’s making the US the most affected country by coronavirus in the world currently, by cases. Community spread and delayed testing has been a major concern to Americans as enough test kits are not available across states.

The first coronavirus case in the US was confirmed on 21 January, but the cases surged from the second half of February.

2. Italy: Total cases: 97,689 | Total deaths: 10,779 | Recovered cases: 13,030

Coronavirus continues to be severe in Italy, making it the most-affected in Europe as well as outside Asia. Italy has witnessed the highest number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the world. Travel to Italy and Italians travelling to other countries during the outbreak has been traced to have caused COVID-19 spread. Once confined to Northern Italy, COVID-19 cases have spread to entire Italy leading to a nation-wide lock-down. The Italian government’s early measures such as closing educational institutions temporarily might have limited the spread, although the aged population continues to be a concern.

3. China: Total cases: 81,470 | Total deaths: 3,304 | Recovered cases: 75,700

China, including Hong Kong and Macau, is the second-worst affected country by the novel coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak, officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Hubei is the most-affected province within China and Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, is the city affected worst by the coronavirus. Hubei has witnessed more than 67,000 coronavirus positive cases and continues to report deaths, although at a slower rate than before.

The number of cases in China, however, has been on the decline starting March due to the rapid control measures and response by the Chinese government.

4. Spain: Total cases: 80,110 | Total deaths: 6,803 | Recovered cases: 14,709

Spain has overtaken South Korea in the number of coronavirus cases in the third week of March. Since the first coronavirus case confirmed on 01 February, the Spanish COVID-19 nCoV-infected cases got closer to 1,000 in early hours of 09 March and rose sharply to more than 80,000 on 29 March. A minister in Spain has contracted coronavirus, while Princess Maria Teresa died from coronavirus marking the first royal death due to COVID-19.

Spain is currently the second most-affected European country with coronavirus. Spanish coronavirus death toll too has increased sharply to cross 6,800. A nation-wide lock-down has been announced affecting millions of its residents.

Tourism, a crucial sector for Spain, is expected to face an adverse impact due to the global coronavirus fears. The Spanish government has advised companies to ask employees to work from home to avoid spread.

5. Germany: Total cases: 62,435 | Total deaths: 541 | Recovered cases: 9,211

Coronavirus cases in Germany, which borders France and Switzerland, have crossed 62,000.Similar to its neighbour France, Germany too banned public events involving huge crowds in order to prevent spread. Trade fair, The Hannover Messe, has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak situation.

Coronavirus mortality rate in Germany is, however, comparatively lesser at 0.87%, with 541 deaths reported as of 29 March. Meanwhile, German finance minister Thomas Schafer committed suicide, suspectedly because of worries over the state of economic situation in the country due to COVID-19.

6. France: Total cases: 40,174 | Total deaths: 2,606 | Recovered cases: 7,202

France, the fourth most-affected European nation by the coronavirus, has overtaken South Korea in the number of COVID-19 cases. COVID-19 nCoV cases in France have crossed 40,000, while the death toll crossed 2,600.The French government has banned public gatherings. The popular Louvre Museum in Paris was temporarily closed as a precautionary measure.

A worker at Disneyland Paris was reported by Reuters as having contracted the coronavirus. France currently has only a few clusters with coronavirus. The ongoing outbreak remains a concern to the French tourism industry as coronavirus fears are resulting in a drop in visitors.

7. Iran: Total cases: 38,309 | Total deaths: 2,640 | Recovered cases: 12,391

Iran, another country from where coronavirus spread to rest of the world, currently has more than 38,000 confirmed cases and has reported more than 2,600 deaths. Iran is suspected to have delayed revealing about the spread of corona virus in their country and under-reporting the cases.

A number of countries have traced their coronavirus-infected having contracted the disease during travel to Iran. Many government officials and politicians including MPs in Iran have contracted coronavirus, some of who died.

8. UK: Total cases: 19,522 | Total deaths: 1,228 | Recovered cases: 135

The UK coronavirus cases surged significantly in the third and fourth weeks of March making it one of the top ten countries with coronavirus.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK surged to 5,741 on 23 March and crossed 19,500 on 29 March, while death toll increased sharply to 1,228. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus on 27 March.

9. Switzerland: Total Cases: 14,829 | Total deaths: 300 | Recovered cases: 1,595

Switzerland, a popular tourist destination, is the sixth most affected European country by the novel coronavirus outbreak. The positive COVID-19 coronavirus cases in Switzerland, whose borders are close to Milan, Italy, crossed 14,800 as on 29 March. 

Some of the major cities in Switzerland, such as Geneva and Zurich, have reported confirmed coronavirus cases. Deaths in Switzerland due to coronavirus have reached 300. The Swiss hotel and tourism industries will be affected if the coronavirus situation continues to stay for long.

10. Netherlands: Total cases: 10,866 | Total deaths: 771 | Recovered cases: 250

The Netherlands overtook South Korea as the tenth most affected country with coronavirus, with the total cases increasing beyond 10,800, close to those in Belgium, and deaths reaching 771.

The coronavirus case in the Netherlands was confirmed on 27 February in a person who visited Lombardy, Italy. The first death due to coronavirus in the Netherlands occurred on 06 March.


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