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How technology helps fighting with covid-19

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How technology helps us fighting with COVID-19 ?

Since the first report of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China, it has now spread to atleast 150 other countries including India. The Global death toll is now more than 10,000, while in India 3 people have died and 250 are affected till now. As there is currently no vaccine to prevent this disease. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the Virus. And in this technology is playing a very crucial role. But how ?

The answer is Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Social Distancing.

  1. 1. AI to identify, track, forecast outbreaks, help diagnose the Virus and Preventing it

The better se can track the virus, the better we can fight it. By analyzing news reports, social media platforms, and government documents, AI can learn to detect an outbreak.

AI solution that helps front-line healthcare workers detect and monitor the disease efficiently. Imaging departments in healthcare facilities are being taxed with the increased workload created by the virus. This solution improves CT diagnosis speed.

For Preventing the Virus, Google has recently launched two powerful AI tools: 

  • Facemesh and Handpose for tracking key landmarks on faces and hands respectively.

This real time face and hand tracking enables new modes of interactivity. For example, facial geometry location is the basis for classifying expressions, and hand tracking is the first step for gesture recognition. You can say that it’s a replacement for a real-time biometric attendance machine during this time of crisis.

  • Temperature Detection Software used to identify people who might have fever and be more likely to have the virus
  • Develop Drugs 

Google’s DeepMind division used its latest AI algorithms and its computing power to understand the proteins that might make up the virus build drugs that can fight.

  • Supercomputers working on a coronavirus vaccine

The cloud computing resources and supercomputers of several major tech companies such as Tencent, DiDi, and Huawei are being used by researchers to fast-track the development of a cure or vaccine for the virus.


  1. 2.Social Distancing

It is only with the help of technology that we would be able to do “social distancing” in order to save and stop the spread of Coronavirus.

It includes things like:

Working from home; travelling only when necessary, especially on public transport or for overseas trips; avoiding social venues like cinemas and clubs; avoiding gatherings of large groups of people; restricting visitors; and, if you do go out in public, maintaining a safe distance from others.

Because of social media apps like Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp and others, we can complete our social and personal duties without any delay or issue.


We are one world- one small, inter-connected, fragile vulnerable planet. When we don’t hear this it makes it so easy to ignore or hate the other. Never again take for granted the extraordinary gift of being together with family and friends and even strangers.



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